Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So how was your week? I doubt it was anything like our Prospect Park Player of the Week Ryan Hillier of the Halifax Mooseheads.

After adding his 9th goal of the season along with his 5th assist in the Moosehead 8-2 victory over the St. John's Fog Devils, Hillier is now 9-5-14 in 9 games.

Now in the next issue of the Blueshirt Bulletin we were going to name Ryan Hillier as one of our top 3 prospects to break out this season. Thanks to the start Hillier is having it is no longer a secret.

However to make this look official for the week Hillier was 4-2-6. He has been the Moosehead leading scorer along with being in the top 10 of the QMJHL scoring race.

It was just the latest in impressive performances from the Moosehead winger. Last season people thought Hillier's 32 goal season was his breakout season. At this pace, Hillier will score a lot more than 32 goals this season.

Way to go Ryan, we know that we will be doing this again and again as the season goes on.

Welcome Max Campbell

The picture to the left is our way of introducing you to one of our newest prospects Max Campbell. Campbell who was the Ranger's 5th round pick in the 2007 is a freshman at Western Michigan University.

Campbell is a 6ft 170 lb. center who according to the Rangers is a skilled player with a ton of offensive upside. Campbell is coming off a 95 point season in the WOHL (Western Ontario Hockey League) and appears to be a match made for each other as he joins veteran coach Jim Culhane and his Broncos.

The Broncos play in the CCHA (same as fellow prospect Carl Hagelin and Michigan) one of the better US division 1 college leagues. Under Coach Culhane the Broncos play an up tempo offense featuring an aggressive forecheck.

Campbell is about to make his college debut this Friday as his Broncos will be taking on the University of Windsor. We plan on featuring Max in the December issue of the Blueshirt Bulletin.

HELLO to New Friends

We also want to say hello to our new friends starting with Shannon Dove Of Western Michigan, Jon Garver of the USHL who is going to help us report on Danny Hobbs of the Ohio Bluejackets, and Matt Trevor of Michigan who is going to help us with Carl Hagelin.

Are we name dropping? You bet because it is this kind of extensive network that brings you the most professional of information when it comes to Ranger prospects whether they are playing in the NCAAs, CHL, USHL or anywhere in the world.

We are able to make these kinds of friends because of those of you who subscribe to the best Ranger Magazine ANYWHERE the Blueshirt Bulletin . For just a mere 30 bucks a year you get the best wall to wall coverage of the Rangers but you help support this website and the main Blueshirt Bulletin website.

In this what could be a run for the cup you do not want to miss a single issue as nobody not even the Rangers themselves can bring together the best Ranger beat reporters and others who make up the Blueshirt Bulletin team.

Rangers/Islanders round one tomorrow night, Dubi will be covering it at the main site and I get to goof off and watch it while he has to work (I think that is fair don't you?)

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