Monday, November 26, 2007

The Teddy Bear Incident

Someday it will make for a funny story to tell but right now as I look to raise the money to replace a laptop it is not so funny.

There I was in Portland Oregon attending the Portland Winterhawks versus the Chilliwack Bruins game when my laptop was fried by a teddy bear.

What happened was that it was the annual "Teddy Bear" toss which is meant to help collect stuffed toys for children in need.

It is a great idea that is now sweeping the hockey world and I hope one day to see it happen at the Garden if for no other reason to give Ranger fans a chance to hold the world record for most "Teddy Bears" tossed onto the ice.

The way it works is simple, you bring a bear or stuffed animal to the game and when the local boys score their first goal of the game you toss it on the ice. It has led to some serious competition between Portland and Calgary over who holds the world record (Portland is now claiming a new World record of 20,372) but it is for a great cause.

Anyway to get back to the story, there I was sitting in press row when it appeared that the Winterhawks had scored a goal (it got waved off because the Bruin goalie had knocked his net off his moorings) but the fans did not care and the Teddy Bears flew. While those in the lower decks were trying to duck for cover, there I was getting hit with bears from above.

Then in what had to be one of those slow motion events that breaks your heart, a bear hit a cup of soda which flipped on and landed directly onto my laptop. It was one of those moments where all you can do is watch because there was nothing to do.

Anyway I am now out one laptop so reports might be a bit slow this week but here is what I do have which is only the weekly college hockey poll.

Carl Hagelin and his Michigan Wolverines held on to the number 2 spot once again in the weekly USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine poll. They are coming off 2 wins this past weekend in the college hockey showcase in Ann Arbor.

No other Ranger prospect's college team received any votes

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