Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Too Bad the Future is not here

While Ranger fans worry about the lack of real offense from the current Rangers, one can take heart to know that the goal scoring cavalry is coming. It is just a shame it is a couple of years away.

It would be nice to see Ryan Hillier of Halifax putting his 18 goals to good use. When you look at the Ranger goal scoring woes then you wish that the future was here bringing Hillier's 7 power play goals and 9 even strength goals with it.

Hillier scored 32 last season and is well on his way to topping that number. Oh if you think that all Hillier does is score goals think again as he also has 17 assists.

Of course there is the prospect who is going to become the Ranger's nuclear weapon on defense Bobby Sanguinetti of the Brampton Battalion. Here is the power play quarterback that the Rangers so badly miss.

39 points in 25 games should have you drooling about seeing Sanguinetti paired with either Marc Staal or Michael Sauer as soon as next season. Sanguinetti can score from anywhere and under any situation.

We are talking a deadly accurate shot from the point or the end to end rush but his passing skills make him that much more a threat than people realize. Sanguinetti is one of those players who will make his ice mates better.

Let us not discount Tomas Zaborsky of the Saginaw Spirit for when the Rangers took him in the 2006 draft they cited Zaborsky scoring 46 goals in 45 games. It has taken him over a season but Zaborsky is starting to show his offensive skills as witnessed by 13-15-28 in 24 games.

The best thing about Zaborsky is that he is like Hillier a strong 2 way player and would not be a liability on defense. What Zaborsky has been doing is stepping up to help a very young Saginaw grow up a bit faster than anyone expected.

Zaborsky has the tools to be a scorer at the NHL level but he does need to improve his body to be able to handle the punishment he will take.

Then there is the perhaps the stealth prospect who also happens to be the player with the longest offensive streak of the year in David Skokan of Rimouski. Skokan may have missed a couple of games due to a groin injury but he did not miss a beat when he returned to the lineup.

An 8 game scoring streak has brought Skokan to 7-14-21 for the season which few expected but the beauty of hockey is that one should expect the unexpected.

Skokan is supposed to be a defensive whiz but this offense he has been showing has to be a very pleasant surprise.

Down the road there is also players like Max Campbell of Western Michigan who scored 95 points in just 45 games and, Carl Hagelin of Michigan who is already having an impact as a freshman after coming over from Sweden.

Of course sadly all we can do now is dream of the possibilities but when we do those dreams should have some very happy endings.

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