Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Middle of the Week

As we are a week away from the start of the World Under-20 Championships and the rest of North American now on a holiday break there is not a whole lot of news to report.

We do have the weekly CHL Top 10 which has Halifax Mooseheads barely holding on to number 10 after a 5 game losing streak. None of the other CHL teams that have Ranger prospects on them received any votes.

Team USA on the NHL Network

We did get this word from USA Hockey regarding TV coverage of the World Under-20 Championships:

NHL Network in the U.S. will air live HD coverage of the medal round of the 2008 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship, including both quarterfinal games, both semifinal contests, the bronze-medal game and the gold-medal game, it was announced today by USA Hockey.

A live audiocast of all Team USA games in the World Junior Championship will be available at

Tis the Season to be Traded

The QMJHL is a different kind of league as while most leagues have a roster freeze for the holiday break, the "Q" has a major trading period and this year was no different.

While we were hoping that the Prince Edward Island Rocket would trade Antoine Lafleur now that they have turned to Marc-Antoine Gelinas as their goalie, so far no trade has happened but we remain hopeful for his sake.

In the meantime if you want an idea of what junior league are like then look at this transaction sheet.

Forgive me as I rant

When the Ranger fans were begging for changes during the years without the playoffs, where were the Knick fans? Did Knick fans show any support for the suffering that the Ranger fans were going though?

No they were saying "not our problem" but when Ranger fans warned them that what they were going though could also happen to the Knicks, Knick fans did not care.

Now they understand the anger, the frustration and pain that Ranger fans went though from 1997-2005. This Ranger fan has no sympathy at all for the plight of the Knicks or their fans.

Why should we feel bad for Knick fans and offer them any support? They made their bed so now let them live with Thomas and the mess he created. If anything I want to see the Knicks keep losing so that James Dolan has to devote more and more attention to them.

The more time Dolan has to spend with the Knicks means the less time he has for the Rangers. Right now the Rangers are building towards a promising future and the last thing they need is an owner who wants to speed up the process.

Here is for Thomas keeping his job for the entire season, for the Knicks to remain at the bottom of the NBA and the Rangers just left alone.

And memo to BlissWrite

Don't Sing it just BRING IT big boy LOL

Thanks for the kind words but I still want to beat you this week in fantasy hockey


Loto68 said...

Fortunately for the Rangers, there is a reason that Sather was given autonomous control of hockey operations, Dolan knows squat about hockey. However he thinks he knows a lot about Basketball and thats the major reason why the Knicks struggle and why the Rangers are know good, Dolan decided to no longer pay attention to the hockey team as long as it made money, and focused his complete attention on Basketball.

Jess Rubenstein said...


Let it stay that way with the Rangers as we have seen the wonderful job that Dolan has done with the Knicks.

Dolan prefers basketball because he can decide which celeb can get the free tickets