Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Show Stealer

This was an exhibition game, a chance for Team USA to get used to each other and work out the kinks before heading to Europe for the Under-20 Championships. It was on paper a mismatch given all the talent on the USA roster.

Someone forgot to tell Max Campbell and his Western Michigan Broncos as they put up one heck of a fight before falling 4-2. From a Ranger standpoint this was supposed to be a coming out party for Bobby Sanguinetti but Max Campbell stole the show.

Campbell had both of Western Michigan's goals as he made a statement about his talent level going up against a Team USA roster that has 20 NHL draft picks on their roster.

Coming out of the Tier 2 WJBHL Strathroy Rockets, few people knew who Campbell was but for Ranger fans they have to like the possibilities of Campbell's potential.

For the evening Campbell winds up the game's second star thanks to his 2 goals and a +2 but that does not mean we forgot about Bobby Sanguinetti.

Sanguinetti had an assist along with a +1 for his evening as Sanguinetti did not play a bad game but appeared to defer to others for offense. We hope Sanguinetti opens up his game as we believe of all the US defenders none have the kind of offensive game that Sanguinetti has.

For now Campbell heads off to his holiday break while Sanguinetti heads to Europe for the Under-20 Championships. In our eyes for Team USA to win the gold then Sanguinetti needs to be the offensive weapon that has been the leading scorer among OHL defenders.

Other News

The Final USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Men's College Hockey Poll came out and Carl Hagelin's Michigan Wolverines finish 2007 as the number one team in Division One Hockey. The Wolverines received 22 of 34 first place votes.

Despite receiving so many of the first place votes, Michigan wound up with just a 3 point edge over number 2 Miami of Ohio. Sadly no other Ranger prospect's team received any votes.

Still More on the Player Transfer Agreement

The IIHF as part of their campiagn to bolster their case that returning European prospects back to their home teams offers this article called Where Do Europe's Rookie's Go . We have to give the IIHF a ton of credit as they have worked hard on the PR end to state their case.

We have contacted the NHL to offer them a chance to state their own case and if they respond we will gladly give them the space to defend themselves.

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Keep up the great work here! I don't comment as much since I can never remember my darn Google ID and end up posting 2-3 times.

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