Monday, December 3, 2007

Quick Update

Disappointing to have to report that Ryan Hillier was not invited to attend the Team Canada selection camp. One has to wonder what the selection process was that a guy who has 19 goals including 3 shorthanded and 7 power play goals does not even warrant an invite.

Team Canada's mistake will be Halifax's gain as we believe that Ryan is going to show everyone that he is for real and is going to have the break out season we predicted he would.

19 goals in 31 games puts Hillier on a pace for 43 goals this season but we believe Hillier will break 50 playing for Halifax.

On Tuesday during the first intermission of the Detroit/Montreal game on VS, Team USA will introduce the members of the World Junior team. IF Bobby Sanguinetti is not named to that team then something is very very wrong with them.

There is no US born defender who is having the kind of season Sanguinetti is having. The leading scorer among all OHL defensemen at 17-23-40, it will be very hard to explain why Sanguinetti would be left off.

USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Weekly Men's College Hockey Poll

No change as Michigan (Carl Hagelin) was not punished for the embarrassing loss to Ohio State as they remain ranked 2nd. No other Ranger prospect has their team ranked.

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