Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Seeing Bobby Sanguinetti wearing Ranger colors is going to be lot of fun but first we are going to see Sanguinetti wearing a different uniform with red, white and blue as it's colors.

Bobby Sanguinetti was named to be a part of USA Hockey's World Under-20 team on Tuesday evening. It was a selection that was well deserved as Sanguinetti has been one of the very best defensemen in the entire CHL.

The numbers have been repeated everywhere 17-23-40, the leading scorer among defensemen in the OHL and perhaps the best US born defenseman.

We will say this here and now do not think Sanguinetti is just a one way defender. His coach Stan Butler of the Brampton Battalion would never allow that, you either play defense or you will sit.

Ask those who saw Sanguinetti playing for the Wolfpack during last if he worked hard on his defense. Anyone who knows Jim Schoenfeld knows he would not play Sanguinetti if Sanguinetti did not earn his place.

We are very happy for Sanguinetti as he has worked very hard for this spot and we hope if you get any chance to see Sanguinetti play during the World Junior Championships that you take it.

Prospect Action

David Skokan's Rimouski Oceanic lost on the road Tuesday night to the Shawinigan Cataractes losing 5-3. Skokan was scoreless but was 9-6 on face offs and had one good hit.

Antoine Lafleur and his Prince Edward Island Rocket had their game with the Moncton Wildcats postponed due to bad weather. They will try to play the game on Wednesday.

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Matty said...

I am so very happy and excited for Bobby! I hope he has a great Worlds and gets noticed!

Thanks for the info Jess!