Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mister Jagr's Neighborhood

Jaromir Jagr likes to play comedian, telling jokes and leaving those who try to cover the Rangers wondering when they talk to Jagr just serious to take what he says at times. Jagr loves to play head games with the beat reporters and over the years he has gotten very good at it.

One never really knows whether or not Jagr is pulling their leg when they interview him but it does not take an "Einstein" to have figured out the message that Jagr sent with his efforts in Game 4 on Thursday evening.

The message was loud and clear and that was that Jagr wants to remain a Ranger.

If anyone had any doubts that Jaromir Jagr does not want to remain the Captain of the Rangers then you did not watch Game 4. The easy way out would have to roll over and just be swept out the door but Jagr erased any and all questions about who he is as a person.

A person who has pride about his efforts does not go out and have a 3 point night in what is supposed to be his "walk away" game. A person who is supposedly a selfish "me first" does not go out and fight for every inch on the ice.

We are sure that there will be those who will claim that Jagr was playing for his next contract but those people are blinded by their foolishness. The Jaromir Jagr who showed up in Game 4 sent a message to the Ranger fans as to where he wants to play next season.

Those who attended the game made sure that Jagr knew that they had received his message and they saluted Jagr for his efforts. At the same time it is also a sad shame that it took what might have been the last game of the season at the Garden for both player and fans to have this kind of evening.

We could argue as to who is to blame for Jagr being so criticized by Ranger fans and we can argue that if Jagr had played like he has in the playoff during the regular season then the Rangers might have been in better shape than they are today.

What if anything most Ranger fans do not realize is how dedicated Jagr truly is to his game. While other players will show up 2 to 2.5 hours before a game to get ready, Jagr would show up 3-4 hours before hand.

Now as to the future then we will believe Jagr when he says he knows where he wants to play next season and so should most of you. If you had any doubts then you again failed to watch Game 4.

We know Jagr wants to remain a Ranger and now the ball is in Glen Sather's court.

As for what the Rangers need to do in order to bring the series back to New York; the answer is simple, forget that you won Game 4 and play Game 5 as if you still have no wins in this series.

Oh and follow Mister Jagr while he takes you into his neighborhood. Do that and the Rangers will get another chance give Jagr another lovefest with Ranger fans on home ice.

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