Saturday, May 3, 2008

One Small Step at a Time

We finally found something we can agree with Penguin fans about; actually no, we are just kidding because there really is nothing they say that we find interesting. What we would like to say during this off-day before Game 5 is to try to zero the focus of Ranger fans onto what is fast becoming the mantra of Ranger fans.

One Shift at a Time, One Period at a Time, One Game at a Time


If the Rangers are to win Game 5 and force a Game 6 back in New York on Monday then it is going to be about focus, about our mantra and the strongest of all weapons: Faith. Faith is something that a lot of people have very little of these days and we know and understand why.

Faith is asking for one to believe in something that they may not be able to see, may not be able to touch but most of all; faith is about trust. Nobody can blame Ranger fans for having so little faith in the franchise after the repeated broken promises of the current ownership.

But asking for some faith now is not about making the Dolans any richer than they already are or even if Sather remains the right person to be running the Rangers. Faith is right now about looking at those players who are wearing the Ranger uniforms and taking a blind leap with them.

Right now we will let others argue about the officiating, about whether or not Crosby is a cheater because of his diving reputation or even about the 2 coaches going back and forth about the games.

What it is about is getting behind this Ranger team and walking with them taking the smallest of steps, daring to dream about overcoming the most impossible of odds. It is about finding whatever lucky charm you have, every private superstition one has and put it to good use.

We have our own "secret weapon" that we will use ourselves but if you have one then now is the time to bring it out to help the Rangers. Whatever it takes to help the Rangers win then go for it as right now nothing is too silly or not important enough to use.

Now is about daring to believe, it is about hanging on to the ends of our seats and praying for a win. It is not about why one player is dressed and why another isn't.

It is about taking that "leap of faith" with the Rangers and doing it with your fellow Ranger fans.

It is all about winning one shift then trying to win the next one and so on and so on. It is about building on each play trying to put together enough winning plays to score a win.

It is not about the dirty stuff any more or as many of us believe, going to get really ugly if in fact the Rangers do take Game 5. Rest assured if the Rangers do in fact win Game 5 then it will get extremely ugly out on the ice.

We will save the chest beating for tomorrow but are as we said focusing ourselves on the mantra because it is:

One Shift at a Time, One Period at a Time, One Game at a Time


If you have a problem with that then we New Yorkers can a few words of our own for you.

One Shift at a Time, One Period at a Time, One Game at a Time


We do believe and challenge our fellow Ranger fans to join us in our "leap of faith"

This leap is just for a shirt, for a period and for a game as WE BELIEVE

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