Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Can Dream

So while Ranger fans were having to worry about losing to an AHL level team, we got to watch a Vancouver Giant team that would shame the Rangers with their almost machine like efforts whip a pretty good Medicine Hat team 6-2 after a 4 goal 3rd period outburst.

Tomas Kundratek (2008 3rd)was held scoreless by the Giants but did not like some of his teammates lose his cool and argue with the refs. Kundratek got a chance to see how keeping one's composure at times is as key to winning a game as talent and effort.

The Giants are a franchise to envy as they carry a record of 35-3-0-3 after this win. If you want to watch a team that knows how to go for the "kill" in the 3rd period then watch these Giants.

In the second period after the Tigers had tied the game at 1-1, future Ranger terror Casey Pierro-Zabotel (Pens 2007 3rd) scored the 1st of 4 goals at 19:08 of the second period. This is a player that when we see him with Malkin will make us nervous, after tonight's effort has 73 points in 43 games.

We look at Scott Bonner (Giant's GM) and Don Hay (Giant's coach) and wonder what would have if the Rangers were run like the Giants are. The Giants play as a team, you almost never wonder if they will show up and give 100%.

If they get a lead going into the 3rd period, they go for the kill just as they did against Medicine Hat. When you know the Giants are playing a team that is not at their level, you know that the other team is in for a long night.

Now compare the Giants to how the Rangers played against the Islanders and you can see how we could want the Giants brain trust to be running the Rangers.


If you have a need to look at the future then we strongly suggest that you turn the TV to the NHL Network on Wednesday night at 7 PM as the best of the 2009 will be showcased in the annual CHL Top Prospect's Game.

Rather than tell you why to watch then we will mention some names and you judge for yourself.

Ryan Ellis, Calvin De Haan, John Tavares, Evander Kane, Nazem Kadri, Tyson Barrie, and Nathan Lieuwen.

They are 7 reasons why to us CHL hockey is a lot more fun than the NHL these days.

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