Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let the Mismatches Begin

As the World Under-20 Championships get underway so too will the annual debate about the differences in those teams who belong in the top division and those who do not. Right now Latvia is only trailing 5-0 in the 2nd period but unless Canada either plays badly or does not try hard the score will be a lot worse by the time the game ends.

Already Roman Horak and his Czech Republic teammate got blasted 10-1 by Team Sweden and that should make the rest of the top teams take notice. This was the same Czech team that the USA lost to in a shootout 3-2 a couple of days ago.

Horak and his teammates simply were no match for Sweden and for those who are handing Canada their 6th straight gold medal; the Swedes might have a say in this.

For most of you who do not follow the junior level of hockey, then the USA/Slovakia game should be interesting to watch as the Slovaks have made a serious attempt at rebuilding their hockey program. The Slovaks were a surprise team last year at the World Under-20 including knocking off the US team.

Most of you will be watching the Rangers/Islanders so you will miss your first real chance to see the future of the Rangers but Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider and Ryan Bourque are 3 prospects who will become key parts of the Ranger's future.

We will be focusing on the USA/Slovak game and will update during the game so check in between periods of the Ranger game

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