Saturday, December 26, 2009

USA VS Slovakia 2nd Period

The 2nd period was a much better start for the USA team, the USA is starting to establish their game and take control.

Luke Walker and his 4th liners have been solid in building energy for the rest of the team. Walker despite his face injuries is playing hard and throwing his weight. That sound you keep hearing is the cash register as Walker's stock is rising with each passing day.

They changed the scoring on the USA's 1st goal as the goal is now John Carlson with the assist to Derek Stepan.

Derek Stepan's though using his nasty wrister scored to give the USA their first lead of the game.

Kreider joins the scoring parade as he should get a secondary assist after his drive to the net leads to Team USA's 4th goal of the game. A power play goal for Team USA.

Walker with a blast from just about the faceoff circle saved by Slovakia, Walker really is playing a lot better than I have seen him play this season.

You got to wonder if the Canadian crowd is wanting to boo the US effort since the typical mindset has USA and Russia as Canada's chief rivals. Sweden though is the team I would be fearing if I was Canada as they in my book have the most stacked roster here.

Slovakia scores to make the score 4-3, got to wonder who is the scorer here as they are crediting Jerry DAmigo for Stepan's goal.

Stepan with an awesome pass right on the stick to teammate Danny Kristo to put the lead back to 2, 5-3.

3 point effort for Stepan makes him right now the favorite for USA player of the game.

Kreider just missed again, when this kid gets his offense together then watch out. Kreider has had no less than 3 good scoring chances so far.

Will the Ranger scouts please stand up and take a well deserved bow?

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