Saturday, December 26, 2009

USA VS Slovakia 3rd Period

Well the 3rd period starts out just like the 2nd as Team USA scores to make it 6-3 as Ryan Bourque sets up the goal for the USA. All that is missing is Luke Walker to score and this night will be perfect.

Of course I will settle for a scorer who gets things right as Bourque is not being given an assist on the 6th goal that he clearly deserves.

Guess we know who Canada roots for when the USA plays huh?

7-3 for USA as Kreider and Stepan are used on the same power play unit.

Going to be interesting to see how the IIHF handles the wrong USA player being ejected for a hit to the head in the first period. The refs ejected Tyler Johnson when it should have been Jason Zucker.

Zucker has been an impact player for the USA in this game but still how would this game changed if the right player was ejected?

And we have to repeat that those who have been critical of Chris Kreider's lack of numbers this season really need to watch the effort Kreider put up in this game at both ends of the ice. Kreider has played well and deserves some slack.

Glad to see people mention Walker and what he went though to make Team USA.

Final Score 7-3 USA gets the 3 points.

We will recap the game as well as the day in a while as we will wait on pictures from today.

USA plays the Swiss tomorrow and the Swiss have a player Nino Neiderreiter who is going to be a star in the NHL

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Mike Kieluk said...

ahhh so that is why I did not see Tyler Johnson out there.....

Man I love the World Juniors.

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