Monday, February 8, 2010

Third Time Was the Charm

(thanks to Nick Priola for finding this for us)

Why wait as by now you most likely have heard all about the goal that 2009 first round pick Chris Kreider scored in the finals of the Beanpot against Boston University. But what may have been missing is the setup as Kreider had just exited the penalty box after serving 2 minutes for "hitting from behind."

What is funny is up to that point in the game, I had been thinking how Kreider really was not being used correctly by Boston College to get the most out of his talent. Boston College is well known for developing the smaller forwards like Brian Gionta among the names to drop.

So you would think that Kreider who at 6'2 coming off the performance he had at the World Under-20 Championships that Boston College would find ways to get Kreider more involved in their offense. That has not happened and in all honesty, the suggestion that Kreider's development would be better served in the Canadian Juniors is not a bad idea.

Kreider has 5 goals in his last 5 games including now a 3 game goal scoring streak but what stuck out for us was something that Boston College Alumni Nathan Gerbe said during the first intermission. Gerbe mentioned how the grind of the schedule wore him down as he went from 40 games a season to 80.

That for a player like Kreider is the one reason why I would advocate his leaving Boston College after this season. It does not matter whether he stays 1,2, 3 or 4 years at Boston College; Kreider is a very talented prospect but he is also a very raw green prospect.

Kreider needs to play a ton to develop, he needs to be able to attend Ranger camps and get to play at Traverse City with his future teammates like Ethan Werek. When we watch Werek and Kreider we see 2 players both 6'2 with awesome offensive skills and some soft hands.

Remember the old "Legion of Doom" line of the Flyers? Well the Rangers have a chance to build a huge offensive line that would be able to put up the numbers that line once did.

Kreider has finally surpassed his goal count from Team USA and if Kreider is starting to heat up then he will force him way on the ice especially as Boston College tries to become the 3rd straight team to win the Beanpot and NCAA Championships in the same year.

As for the game; this was the first time I had checked out the Beanpot Championships and boy this was one of rare times where a game lived up to it's hype. It was hand to hand combat, heavy intensity and fans just getting in to it.

Boston College won 4-3 and finally was able to defeat rival Boston University after 2 previous very close losses including one outdoors at Fenway Park. When these 2 teams go at it expect the unexpected.

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