Friday, April 23, 2010

On the Brink

Over the last couple of months we have gotten to talk several times with Chris Doyle and we have taken a liking to the young man from Prince Edward Island. Doyle who was the Ranger's 5th round pick in the 2008 draft has worked hard trying to make his dream of playing in the NHL come true.

It is because of the liking we have taken to Doyle that left us feeling really bad in watching his Victoriaville Tigre lose game 4 of their series to the Saint John Sea Dogs 6-1 on Friday night. The loss puts the Tigre on the brink of elimination trailing the Sea Dogs 3 games to 1.

For Doyle this will be a game he will not have any happy memories from as Doyle had a very rough night for the Tigre. Besides being scoreless, Doyle was a -5 but before anyone says anything it was more about being in the wrong place at the wrong time than anything else for Doyle.

Doyle was not responsible for the Sea Dog's scoring the 5 goals but this is going to be one of those times when the stats are going to stand out because of how nobody else came close. Doyle did try his best to get his offense going as he took 4 shots of which 2 were strong scoring chances.

The teams get the weekend off before game 5 on Monday night. We will watch if for no other reason to see how Doyle responds to this kind of evening. If it is going to be his last game of the season (and as a Ranger draft pick) then we hope for Chris that he plays his best game of his career.

So there I am on Twitter when this "tweet" went by from Darren Dreger of TSN: "Speculation should end. Glen Sather will remain Pres+GM for the New York Rangers. More ahead as part of our intermission on TSN."

Now what I would like to know is beyond the wishful thinking and dreaming of Ranger fans who really had any hope that Glen Sather was not going to return to the Rangers? Sorry but if you want to talk about a "non-story" then this one is it.
Maybe the bigger question should be is how much effort was put into finding out something that just about everyone already knew was going to happen? OK who besides James Dolan who more than likely had to be reminded who Glen Sather was?

So as a public service to our friends up north at TSN, we here at Prospect Park would like to let you know that there is also no need for speculation as the Rangers are not going to move from New York City. The Rangers are also still going to wear blue uniforms at home with white ones on the road.

Cmon people we know it is a slow off-season and the first round of the playoffs has been basically boring as heck but come back when you have a real story for us please.

(Doyle courtesy of Katherine Ep)

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