Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taking Two For The Team

(updated 11am PDT-- we added some video about all the fights)When we saw that Calvin De Haan (NYI 2009 1st) and Danny Maggio (NYR 2009 6th) of the Oshawa Generals both had received fighting majors during a line brawl against the Kingston Frontenacs, our first question to the Generals was who got the 2nd fighting major.

In the OHL when multiple fights break out at the same time the player who is judged to have gotten into the 2nd fight receives an automatic 2 game suspension. It is a rule supposedly intended to cut down on line brawls but it really just does not work.

What got us was the response we received as it turned out that future Ranger Maggio came to the aid of future Islander De Haan. Maggio by rule should be getting the 2 game suspension but in doing so he may have won over his General teammates.

Maggio has had it rough this season, he has been injured twice, suspended for a dirty hit (which he deserved) but what he did not deserve was to be trashed by his former GM as he was by the Guelph Storm. Maggio also took a (in our eyes) very suspect beating by a Guelph reporter in the press.

But you know what seeing Maggio do what he did rewarded our faith in him as we did not believe he was "troublesome" or any other description that was labeled on Maggio. We knew that the Generals would not have traded for Maggio if he was not someone who not going to be a good teammate.

Here is the video courtesy of Hockeyfightsplus on You Tube:

Even more so as a long time Ranger fan dating back to the 1960's, anytime we see a Ranger prospect coming to the aid of a teammate it gives us hope. We will never forget what happened to Dale Rolfe and so Danny Maggio while you may sit out 2 games, a double stick tap to you.

Yet just as funny was to see the differing versions of the line brawl as the Kingston version says Oshawa started the line brawl while this version paints a totally different picture as to who started it. Oh as for the game, Kingston jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the 2nd period before holding off the Generals 5-3 but down the road we believe the Generals will wind up the bigger winners.

Christian Thomas (NYR 2010 2nd) was held scoreless as were De Haan and Maggio as for the 3 combined for a -3 with 10 PIMs in the loss. Ethan Werek (NYR 2009 2nd) remains out for the Frontenacs with a ligament tear in his wrist.

In a nice bit of irony last Saturday Tony DeHart (NYI 2010 5th) was the second man in a fight also involving Danny Maggio so he was serving the second game of his suspension. If Maggio gets the expected suspension we can not wait until he is back so he and DeHart are reunited as a defensive pairing.

And we found video of this one as well courtesy of the Hockeyfightsplus

It was a crazy day as most Fridays tend to be as 18 prospects in 15 games kept us really hopping from coast to coast.

The Ranger prospect story starts right here while the Islander side is right here

(Maggio/Aaron Bell/OHL Images)

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