Saturday, March 5, 2011

Got Meds?

First I really have to say that as bad of pain that I have been going though nothing has meant more to me than the support we have gotten from you folks. I have never ever experienced the kindness and the words of support like I have gotten this week.

I can not put into words how much of a debt I owe all of you.

They do not let me write a full report but I can do this as the teams are sending me reports. Hope to be able to type more each day.


Jason Wilson 1-2-3 +2 in Niagara 10-3 win JW is 16-24-40 +21
Christian Thomas 1-1-2   in Oshawa loss CT is 48-37-85
Dan Maggio 0-0-0 Oshawa loss
Dylan McIlrath 0-0-0 -3 12 PIMs in Moose Jaw 7-2 loss
Dan Hobbs 1-1-2 in UMass 4-4 OT tie
Roman Horak 1-1-2 in Chilliwack win, Horak GWG 23-46-69

Chris Kreider no new news, waiting to see if he needs surgery, no surgery he could return by Hockey East semi finals (2 weeks) but more likely NCAA time 4 weeks. Injury makes Kreider's turning pro now a given.

Freak Accident caused injury as puck fired by teammate caught Kreider, witnesses say Kreider injury scary looking as he was clearly in pain.


Nino Niederreiter (1st star) 1-0-1 +1 Portland win  El Nino 8 goals in last 4 games Portland 20 wins since Jan 1
Jason Gregoire 3-1-4 and Brock Nelson 2-0-2 in North Dakota 11-2 win
Blake Kessel 0-2-2 in New Hampshire 4-3 loss
Kirill Kabanov 0-2-2 helped set up OT game winner at 4:51
David Toews 0-0-0 in 6-5 Brandon loss
Corey Trivino 0-1-1 in 4-3 Boston U loss
Tony DeHart (2nd Star) 0-1-1 and Calvin De Haan 0-1-1 in Oshawa loss

Casey Cizikas injured left arm last night missed tonight's game status unknown

Rangers 1-2 since surgery so blame my doctor


Kalel9 said...

Fell Better, JESS! I'm sending you my healing feeling. Remember to be grateful for your perfect health, and you will receive it!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

RIch said...

feel better man although can you explain why Kreider's injury makes him more likely to leave early?

Jess Rubenstein said...


The trend has been 1st real injury gets prospects worried about how fast career can end.

Someone will whisper into his ear why get hurt for free

CoB said...

Jess, glad to see you're back on your feet.