Monday, September 12, 2011

Reasons To Smile

On Monday when the New York Ranger's management gathers to talk about how the prospects have done so far, you can expect to that it will be a mostly happy meeting.

The Ranger prospects are 2-0 after a convincing 6-2 win over the Dallas Star prospects. If you like to look at stats then why not look at this stat sheet.

Yes it is only 2 games but this prospect team is nothing like any other prospect team that the Rangers have sent to Traverse City in the past. How many ways should we show how good this team has been?

They would make John Tortorella a happy camper leading the tournament in goals against, save percentage and penalty killing. On offense they have 11 goals in 2 games with 4 power play goals in 16 attempts.

It is one thing when you have prospects living up to their billing like Carl Hagelin and Tim Erixon but when you are seeing free agent signings like Blake Parlett (2nd in scoring 0-5-5) and Jonathan Audy-Marchessault (1-3-4) making contributions then life is good.

You have to like the little things that the team is doing as if they do know what has frustrated Ranger fans over the last few years. Like movement on the power play, clearing the crease and limiting rebounds.

Like Shane McColgan all 5'8 of him not even blinking when someone has just cheap shot his line mate Christian Thomas. McColgan barely knows Thomas since both play in different leagues but it did not matter to him.

11 goals from 9 different players has to make you smile when offense never came easy last season. Or how about players making adjustments to their game like Andrew Yogan did after missing out on several chances the day before.

And it looks like unless the Rangers get blown by the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday then the Rangers have a spot in the finals on Wednesday. It would be a very nice way to get the main Ranger training camp going if the prospects bring back a trophy.

The Honor Roll

Ryan Bourque- If any player has shown that he is more than his stats say it is Bourque. But Bourque with a team leading 3 goals is putting up numbers too.

Bourque as we keep saying has not gotten as much credit for his potential because a lot of what he does will not show up in the stat sheet. Like the body check he laid on the Dallas player as it sure sounded like none of the Ranger announcers expected to see that from him.

Shane McColgan with a goal as well as coming to the defense of Christian Thomas. McColgan is a player who's main enemy has been himself as his inconsistency is a huge reason why he fell down to the 5th round.

Scott Stajcer gave up several juicy rebounds but could not be faulted on either Dallas goal. The difference between Stajcer and Jason Missiaen is that Stajcer is better with his positioning and his foot work.

Rightfully named the player of the game as Stajcer kept the Star offense at bay in the first period. The Rangers one has to think planned the goalie rotation as Stajcer will be the goalie in net if the Rangers make the finals as they are on course for.

Blake Parlett with 2 assists follows up 3 assists from game 1 for a total of 5 points. If the Rangers are looking for more offense from the blueline then Parlett has done a lot to raise his own stock.

At the very least, his performance has pushed him past Jyri Niemi in our eyes as a prospect.

Andrew Yogan we said we wanted to see him leave the fancy moves out of his game did exactly that and he was rewarded with a goal. Yogan has shown us he can play with anyone which makes keeping his game simple his best way to earn a contract.

Needs Work

Jason Wilson was someone who we expected to do more at Traverse City has not shown a lot of fire in his game. Randy McNaught who missed almost the entire season last year showed more in one game than Wilson has in 2.

Michael St. Croix has to step his game as goal scorers can not score if they are not attacking. St. Croix has a whole lot more offense than he has shown so far in the 2 games.

St. Croix might find himself watching on Wednesday if he does not show some fire.

(Bourque courtesy of the Quebec Remparts)

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Jay said...

We want to watch the prospects play and not listen to "Clueless Joe" Micheletti and "Jackass John" Gianone. Instead of turning the telecast into a talk show, they might occasionally tell us who has the puck. We know McIlrath, Bourque, Erixon and Miller. Who knows which big guy threw a check, or who made a great pass. Heckel and Jeckel never seem to bother with the mundane play by play stuff.