Saturday, November 26, 2011

These Were Not Leftovers

Friday night prospect hockey was more about New York Ranger prospects seeing scoring streaks end and Islander prospects with big goal nights.

Islander's First Star Brock Nelson

Brock Nelson (2010 1st) is like the Rodney Dangerfield of Islander prospects because nobody really talks about his game or potential. We will because we see it and believe that while Nelson is listed as a center; our belief is that if you leave him at left wing he will become a serious power forward.

Nelson and his North Dakota Fighting Sioux were taking on 4th ranked Colorado College and it turned into a wild offensive game that Nelson would wind up with the game winning goal. Nelson's 2nd goal of the game at 11:54 of the 3rd period gave North Dakota a 7-6 lead that proved to be the game winner.

It was part of Nelson's 2-1-3 evening as Nelson for 3rd time for this season put upa 3 point effort. Nelson along with Kirill Kabanov and Robbie Russo put up some key goals for the Islander prospects on Friday evening.

Their report can be found right here.

Ranger's Star Andrew Yogan.

Andrew Yogan (2010 3rd) we hate to keep saying that we should be seeing here more often than we do but it is true. Yogan is a very talented young prospect who drives us insane when he does not remember to bring his hockey IQ with him.

If you have your doubts then please go look at his game by game numbers as he will have a streak of assist then a streak of goals and so on.

Against JT Miller and the Plymouth Whalers, Yogan had a big goal as well as a timely assist to help his Peterborough Petes to a 4-3 win. The win was huge especially since Plymouth had been riding an 8 game winning streak and the Petes were on the road.

We want see Yogan's name here on a Monday when we give out the player of the week awards as we know he can do it and do it several times.

As for the Ranger report, it was Yogan as the only star as scoring streaks ended for others and we wait for the WHL to announce what Dylan McIlrath's punishment is going to be. The Ranger report is right here

Carl Hagelin

Excuse us but we are going to do some patting ourselves on the back here. Carl Hagelin made his NHL debut on Friday, a debut we take great pride in being the first one to make that prediction after watching him during the 2007-08 season.

Others it took 2-3 years to convince them of Hagelin but not us nor did it the fans who are Michigan Wolverines. Almost from day 1 Carl Hagelin won us over with his potential and we do not just say it for the heck of it.

There is more honest legit talent coming both Ranger and Islander. Believe it as we do.

(Nelson- North Dakota Fighting Sioux, Yogan- Peterborough Petes.

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