Monday, September 28, 2009

How About Some Pictures?

Nothing really going on except the Owen Sound Attack named Scott Stajcer (2009 5th) as their goalie of the month.

From the Attack Press Release:

Goalie of the Month

Sophomore goaltender Scott Stajcer has been named the Attack’s goalie of the month for September. After missing the first game of the season to attend the New York Rangers training camp, the Cambridge, ON. native posted a 1-2-1-0 mark to go along with a 3.23 GAA and a .909 save percentage.

Stats Update: Luke Pither (Traverse City 09) of the Barrie Colts was credited with an assist in Saturday's against Daniel Maggio's Sudbury Wolves so at 8-1-9 is back to being the scoring leader among Ranger prospects and has a 4 game scoring streak.

On the flip side, the WHL changed the scoring from Sunday's game and credited the goal that Luke Walker(Traverse City 09) was originally awarded to Troy Rutkowski. That means Walker is now (4-3-7) but he still has a 4 game scoring streak.

We planned on awarding Walker the Prospect of the Week tomorrow and that will not change because it was his all-around effort (especially on Sunday) that earned it.

Speaking of stats; the stats we use are from the game sheets provided by the various leagues. Unless the league involved makes a correction to them then those will be used as the official stats for Prospect Park.

Here are some pictures:

We got some pictures on Monday that since it is quiet we would like to share:

From Ian MacAlpine of the Kingston Whig-Standard (

Ethan Werek (#25) as he breaks in against the Niagara Ice Dogs on Sunday.

There is also another picture of Werek from the same game at the Kingston Frontenac's website worth checking out.

Frontenacs beat Ice Dogs as Werek's picture is 3rd on the story.

They say pictures tell the story and in this case you are watching how Werek chases down a puck using his speed as well as skill.

Monday was also the day that the QMJHL opened up the 2009 media access to their media website so we found updated pictures of the 2 Ranger prospects playing in the "Q".

Here is Chris Doyle (2008 5th Rd) showing off the new uniforms of the Prince Edward Island Rocket. Got to acknowledge that the more we see the new Rebook uniforms the more we start to like them.

The one thing missing from this picture is Doyle's "A" that he is now wearing this season. Doyle is trying to catch up after missing the first 4 games of the season due to a suspension from the QMJHL.

It is going to be interesting to see which of the Ranger prospects leads them in goal scoring as this might be the season where we see 4 prospects light it up for at least 40 goals.

Doyle had he not gotten hurt last season was on a pace to score 50 and in the offense happy QMJHL that is not an unrealistic number to shoot for. Ethan Werek, Luke Pither and Luke Walker are all legit picks for no less than 40 goals.

Then we have Ryan Bourque of the Quebec Remparts (2009 3rd) who may not score 40 goals but his play making skills alone just might steal him the prospect scoring title.

Bourque should give this picture out since the on-ice ones we have make look smaller. This one is a good shot of the young Rempart forward who is finding out the QMJHL is a tougher league than he might have expected.

Bourque will make his adjustments to his game and when he does then look out as his numbers will explode. Bourque is a playmaker first, goal scorer second and we think part of his current mini-slump has to do with Bourque forgetting his best roles for a team.

It happens but Bourque is also a very smart player who will make those adjustments to his game. We are already giving Bourque the assist title as we can see him with 40-45 helpers this season.

With the new Rebook uniforms still making their way in the system we expect to see a lot more updated pictures over the next few weeks so we will share them on nights like these. Of course those of you who attend games are always welcome to share your pictures as well.

Tuesday will see Ryan Bourque in action as well as Luke Walker's PPP of the Week. We also will get you ready for the college prospects including the debut of 2009 1st round pick Chris Kreider who we hope will play on Sunday.


Amos said...

i was actually just wondering the other day if chris doyle had a new picture. i'm getting pumped up about the rest of the prospects starting to see action.
i have a question about the traverse city invitees (pither, bartek, walker, cunningham...). are you following them more closely this year because you think that they are going to be offered contracts at the end of the year? i was almost sure that one of them was going to be awarded at least an ahl contract at the end of camp, but maybe the invite gives them more motivation for this season. i expect that at least two out of the three will have a place to play in the organization after this season... what do you think?

Jess Rubenstein said...


I am following Pither, Cunningham and Walker for now until I find out if they remain on the Ranger radar.

Currently all 3 are making a strong case for ATOs to Hartford but Walker can enter the 2010 draft as well.

I think Walker has the best chance of the 3 because of his age and his more balanced game