Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glass Houses

Sometimes I really have to wonder about people as something is wrong when an 18 year old kid is made out to be some kind of villain for saying something dumb on twitter. All of you who have never made a mistake, never said the wrong thing at the wrong time or live the most perfect mistake free lives please go right ahead and get on this kid's case.

Wow Emerson Etem said Buffalo is "a ghost town, the worst city ever" and some people are like having a major freak out over it. It may not have been the most PC comment to make but boy it will be a sad commentary on the city of Buffalo if Etem is forced to make some kind of public apology for being a bored kid.

But really folks especially those of you who posted here at WGRZ.com your reaction to Etem's comment did more to make Buffalo look bad than Etem's original comment. Cmon now it is one thing to be a 18 year old kid and say something dumb but wow reading some of the comments.

Even sadder is the Buffalo media making this into a major news story when maybe they should be asking where the American fans were for Team USA's opening game? If not for the estimated 10-15 thousand Canadians making the trip then the stands just might have been empty and Etem's ghost town remark just might have been closer to the truth than people realize.

This is Why

Got to send a stick tap (again) to the Buzzheads over at Buzzing the Net for pointing out this gem of an effort from Casey Cizikas (NYI 2009 4th):

Now you can see why Cizikas has fast become one of our favorite players to watch. Others may put up better numbers, make the pretty plays but few are going to give you the kind of effort that Cizikas will give you every game.

The Islanders made a great pick here in Cizikas.

Prospect Action

Roman Horak (2009 5th) was the only prospect to play on Monday night as his Czech Republic defeated Norway 2-0. Horak was scoreless as he took 4 shots on goal while playing on a line with his Chilliwack linemate Robin Soudek.

They will say a win is a win but the Czechs have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to avoid the relegation round. Sorry but in Group B AKA "Group of Death"; you better bring your best every night as Canada, Sweden and Russia will blow you out if you don't.

Goal differential we see is going to have a bigger affect on who makes the medal round and who does not so if you think someone is running up the score it is because they really have no choice.

Holidays Are Over

The holiday break is over and those prospects not playing at the World Under-20 Championships will resume play at both the NCAA and CHL level. For several of the prospects, the second half is one last chance to earn themselves at the very least an Amateur Tryout from the Rangers or Islanders.

2010 has been both good and bad for the New York Ranger prospects as with 4 prospects in double digits in goals and over 30 points but also bad when 4 others have missed major chunks of time due to injury.

New York Islander prospects may not have put up the offensive numbers that the Ranger prospects have but they have played well in their own right.

(Etem/Medicine Hat, Horak/Chilliwack)


Frank Brombos said...

I've made comments I wish I hadn't in my life. I just didn't feel the need to broadcast them on twitter so that the world could see them.

Buffalo is a great town. I left for a job in Miami in 1997 and returned a year later once I realized what I was missing in Buffalo, and by that I mean great people, great lifestyle, and hockey. As a Buffalonian I can say that we have taken our share of criticism over our lack of Sports Championships, declining population, and winter weather. I get it. We can't compete with the nightlife of a New York or LA. We don't have the weather of a New Orleans or Miami. I don't care when I hear that from a national personality, but when it comes from a snot-nosed kid who has accomplished next to nothing as an athlete all I can say is "whatever".

I've seen his game and from what I can tell this could likely be the most press Emerson Etem ever gets. He's on the list of players I would consider to be draft busts in the near future, but that's just my opinion. This is likely to be the most exposure he ever gets as far as hockey goes. All I know is that I will be one of the Americans in the stands for the US games against Germany and Switzerland and I will help boo Etem all the way back to Medicine Hat.

The Boogie man said...


Why do I get this feeling you own a parking lot down by the HSBC arena?

Like I said, the reaction from the people in Buffalo is doing more damage to the image of the city than the tweet of an 18 year old.

Etem made a mistake, he apologized for it. Booing him now just makes the people of Buffalo look more immature than the kid himself.

Just remember that while all of you in Buffalo are still booing him the rest of us will be watching you and that is the impression we will have of the people of Buffalo.

Boo those who are ripping off the visitors to Buffalo not the 1 tweet from a kid.