Friday, May 13, 2011

Portland/Kootenay Pregame

For Nino Neidetreiter, tonight will be just another game or the end of his season. Game 5 of the WHL finals is just 2 1/2 hours away and Nino has to elevate his game for his Portland Wintethawks.

With just 2 goals in his last 11 games (just 1 in the finals), Nino despite having a 9-18-27 mark has more PIMs (30) than points.

Portland will not win if Nino is sitting in the penalty box. First Spokane and now Kootenay have taken to hitting Nino every chance they get.

With the intention of getting Nino off his game and under his skin, the tactic has been effective as seen by the lone goal from game 1.

These are the lessons the Islanders are hoping he learns while in the WHL as it will be a whole lot worse in the NHL.

If Owen Sound can push Mississauga to a 7th game there is now reason the Wintethawks can not do the same.

But it all going to start with Nino, it is time to step up or go home.

We think he will set up with a big game. We are live from the Rose Garden

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